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Dani Watson – The Clique Academy Download

Dani Watson – The Clique Academy Download

Dani Watson – The Clique Academy Download

Dani Watson – The Clique Academy Download

What You Get:

The Clique Academy Part One – Business Foundations

Weeks 1-5

The first part of your journey within The Clique Academy is building the foundations of your coaching business & growing your audience online. By focusing on this first, it means your audience can continue to grow as you develop your coaching skills so that once you are ready to unleash your coaching gifts to the world, you’ve already got an audience of IDEAL CLIENTS who are excited to work with you.

During these weeks, you will be supported with identifying and refining your niche, how to create content that attracts ideal clients, how to use social media effectively to get your content seen by those who need your message, how to grow your email list and overcoming your own fears and blocks to getting visible. You will also be shown how to develop a mini program so that as you are developing your coaching skills, you can start working with paid for clients.

  • Define Your Niche
    Expert hands on, personal support to refine your niche
  • Website 101
    The essentials for your online business and website.
  • Social Media Mastery
    Master the use of Facebook & Instagram to reach ideal clients
  • Your Messaging
    How to create powerful messaging that attracts ideal clients
  • Email Marketing
    How to build and grow your email list with ideal clients.
  • Your Mindset
    How to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs about getting visible.

The Clique Academy Part Two – Coach Training & Certification

Weeks 6-20

During the second part of The Clique Academy, you will embark on your coach training & certification. This is where you will learn how to become a masterful coach and guide your clients through powerful transformations.

We want you to feel confident in your coaching abilities and knowledge and so we teach you a proven framework for how to coach clients called The Clique Method. This method of coaching combines various coaching tools, healing technique and spiritual practices that will assist your clients in releasing any inner blocks that are holding them back from achieving their desired goals.

The Clique Method is a style of coaching that can be applied to a variety of niche’s including mindset, anxiety, stress, relationships, money, health, career and so many more.

There will be lots of opportunities for you to practice your coaching as well as getting coached yourself from other women inside The Clique Academy.

During your training, you will be taught how to use the following modalities: Clarity coaching, digging work, NLP, EFT, Chakra Cleansing, Energy clearing, Law of Attraction Coaching, Meditation & mindfulness facilitation, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Divine Feminine Activation and Money Mindset Coaching.

After successful completion of your assessments, you will receive two certificates: one to certify you as an NLP practitioner and one to certify you as a certified coach with The Clique.

  • Clarity Coaching
    Learn how to identify and get clarity on a clients goals, purpose and desires.
  • Digging Work
    Learn how to identify limiting beliefs by accessing the subconscious mind.
  • Transform Beliefs
    Learn how to transform beliefs using NLP and belief reprogramming coaching.
  • Energy Healing
    Learn how to identify & release negative energy using EFT, Chakra Balancing, Energy healing & Inner Child Work.
  • Raising the Vibration
    Learn how to raise the vibration, protect energy from negative sources and maintain a positive frequency during setbacks.
  • Taking Inspired Action
    Learn how to formulate, facilitate and integrate an Inspired Action road map to assist your client in achieving their goals and desires..
  • Surrender
    Learn how to facilitate the surrender process and help a client to strengthen their faith in The Universe and detach from the outcome.
  • Feminine Energy Activation
    Help a client activate their feminine energy including how to manage emotions, embrace vulnerability and prioritise self care.
  • Shadow Work
    Learn how to facilitate shadow work and help a client connect with the parts of themselves they are rejecting so that they can feel whole.

The Clique Academy Part Three – Working with Paid for Clients

Weeks 20-25

During the third part of The Clique Academy, you will be feeling confident in your abilities as a coach and ready to start working with paid for clients.

We will assist you in putting together your premium coaching program and how to price it. You will also learn how to conduct a powerful discovery call and sell your services with ease and confidence.

During this process you will be digging into money mindset work which will help with pricing, charging your worth & feeling confident selling.

We will also show you how to tap into the audience you have so far been building and convert that audience into paid for clients.

We will finish by providing you guidance on how to continue to grow your business moving forwards, including the mindset and strategy that will propel you towards six figure growth.

  • Soulful Selling
    How to sell your programs in a way that feels empowering rather than salesy. Learn how to overcome objections so that your ideal clients to say yes!
  • Booking Discover Calls
    Learn how to book discovery calls with ideal clients so that you can start enroling people into your coaching and making money through your gifts.
  • The Practical Stuff
    We will also support you in the practical stuff once you are ready to work with paid for clients such as taking payments, client contracts and welcome packs.


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