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Mojca Zove – The Science of Facebook Ads Professional Download

Mojca Zove – The Science of Facebook Ads Professional Download

Mojca Zove – The Science of Facebook Ads Professional Download

Mojca Zove – The Science of Facebook Ads Professional Download

“What if I spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook Ads and nothing happens?”

Facebook Advertising is a like a complex machine with a lot of cogs and wheels you can position in different ways.

If you position them correctly, your business will flourish with the help of effective and profitable Facebook Advertising.

If you position them in a slightly different way, you risk losing your money and — frankly — patience to ever do it again.

Unfortunately, the latter scenario is a lot more common than the former.

Here’s what usually happens

Your business has been growing too slowly, and you’re growing impatient.

The rate at which you’re generating subscribers has been downright sad. New customers are slowly dripping in, but at this pace, it’ll take at least 5 years to see the progress you’re aiming for.

To speed up the process, you decide to try your way with Facebook Ads. After all, you’ve seen countless online marketers praise Facebook Ads and promise amazing results.

You watch a few webinars, read a couple of blog posts and implement what you’ve learned. At least you try to do your best because the strategies you obtained were very vague and superficial. But you make it work. Somehow.

This is your last hope, the last trick up your sleeve. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be back at square one.

And then … it doesn’t work.

Your Facebook Advertising campaign goes sideways. You generate a few clicks, but your dreams about consistently generating leads and purchases are crushed.

Thinking back, you conclude that you’ve been too ambitious to begin with and you promise yourself never to do that again.

Seriously, where do you even start with Facebook Ads?

Making a decision to finally grow your business by investing in marketing and launching a Facebook Advertising Campaign is one thing.

But following that through successfully is an entirely different world.

When you decide to “DIY” your Facebook Advertising Strategy, you’re bombarded with conflicting information about what the best advertising practices actually are.

When you try to launch your first campaign, you’re faced not only with the seeming complexity of the Facebook Ads Manager but also the fact that new features are added to it on a weekly basis. And it makes it impossible to keep up with all the changes. After all, you’re not a professional Facebook Advertiser.

That’s why at one point you maybe even consider hiring a Facebook Ads expert, only to realize that finding someone with years of valuable experience and in-depth knowledge about your industry is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And when you finally find him/her, the cost of hiring a professional makes you think twice about how to proceed.

It might seem like you’re left with no options and that it would be better just to forget about scaling your business with paid advertising for a while.

But there’s one more option left.

What if you could consistently launch profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns?
The thing that’s holding you back from launching a profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign isn’t your lack of time. Because you would always find time for any work that would bring in more sales or leads.

The only thing that’s holding you back is lack of professional strategy and guidance.

Now just imagine what you could do if you could get your hands on a proven step-by-step system that would help you define and find your target audience, communicate your offer effectively, and generate sales.

Imagine the heights you could reach if you could get a deep understanding of sales funnels and their implementation to the Facebook Advertising platform, get familiar with all the advanced features, and use them to your own advantage.

Imagine learning how to do all of that from someone that’s helped multiple business owners collectively generate several millions of dollars in revenue through Facebook Ads.

The feeling of taking back control of your growth is literally just a click away. Because I have something to tell you.

INTRODUCING: The Science of Facebook Ads
Learn how to consistently generate leads and sales with Facebook Ads

After years of successfully developing, implementing, and optimizing Facebook Advertising Campaigns for clients that ranged from small to multimillion-dollar businesses, I finally decided to pack all that knowledge together and launch a comprehensive course that teaches everyone how to do it too.

The Science of Facebook Ads is literally a step-by-step blueprint of a system that collectively generated several millions of dollars in revenue for my clients.

You’ll get access to the knowledge I collected for years while helping 50+ different businesses grow.

I’ll teach you what I’ve learned through thousands of experiments I’ve launched with my clients.

And I’ll share all of that in-depth knowledge of Facebook ads with you in 40+ video lessons that contain 9+ hours of great content and multiple worksheets and libraries.

You’ll learn everything about how to launch profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns, including how to:

  • Define your target audience and the exact strategy for reaching them
  • Determine tangible and reachable goals with The Backwards Method
  • Distribute your Advertising Budget across campaigns and audiences
  • Design an ad that attracts attention and communicates your brand
  • Optimize your campaigns using a result-based approach

But there’s more.

“Mojca gave me a specific, actionable plan for implementing Facebook advertising on my business, more than 5xing the number of new subscribers I get — for a fraction of the anticipated cost.”

-Kai Davis, Davis Industries

The Science of Facebook Ads: Course Curriculum
The Science of Facebook Ads is a 45-lesson video course that contains 9+ hours of in-depth content, multiple worksheets and access to different libraries. Here’s exactly what you’re getting:


  • Setting Up Your Business Manager
  • Introduction To The Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Page Basics
  • Facebook’s Advertising Policies


  • Facebook Ads Hierarchy
  • Orientation Practice
  • Level 1: Campaign
  • Level 2: Ad Set
  • Level 3: Ad


  • It’s All About The Funnel
  • Defining Your Goals: The Reverse Method
  • The GAAA Principle
  • Calculating Ideal Costs
  • Technical Implementations


  • Introduction to Targeting
  • Option 1: Custom Audiences
  • Option 2: Lookalike Audiences
  • Option 3: Saved Audiences
  • Defining Your Target Audience


  • Detailing Your Funnel
  • Budget Planning


  • The Secret To A Successful Copy
  • Facebook Ad Design Principles
  • Design Tools
  • Designing The Ad
  • Video Ads


  • Level 1: Campaign
  • Level 2: Ad Set
  • Level 3: Ad
  • Celebration!


  • Appealing to Facebook
  • Observing the results – Setting Expectations


  • The Importance Of Documenting
  • Tool Recommendations & Documentation Structure


  • Observing The Right Metrics
  • Personalizing Your Presets
  • Optimizing Your Ads With Facebook Breakdowns
  • Advanced Optimization with Delivery Insights


  • Creative Reporting
  • Using Campaign Tags And Filters


  • Finding The Leaking Bucket
  • Reach Problems
  • SOS: Performance Dropping


  • Launching A/B Tests
  • Scaling Your Facebook Ads Efforts
  • Expanding Your Funnel


  • COMING SOON: Bonus Modules!

+ multiple worksheets, templates & libraries!

“A few weeks ago I had never even heard of Mojca or Super Spicy Media, but when one of my consulting partners came back from MicroConf with Mojca’s suggestions on how to create high-converting Facebook campaigns, I gave it a shot. The CTR on my ads went from .25% to 6% almost overnight. At that moment, I knew I had more to learn from Mojca. She definitely knows her sh*t.”

-Asia Matos, DemandMaven

“Just optimized my Facebook Ads per Mojca’s instructions. Cut costs by 40%.”

-Franz Sauerstein, Xciting Webdesign

This course is not something I decided to do today. I’m not doing it because I might have a little bit of extra time on my hands.

This course has come to fruition because I want to help people like yourself. I want to show you the true power of Facebook Ads, and I want you to unleash that power and see for yourself how Facebook Ads can supercharge the growth of your business.

I’ve been planning to launch this Facebook Ads course for more than 2 years. And to make it a reality, I fired most of my clients in June of 2018 so I could invest my time into creating a professional course.

The knowledge I’m giving away in my course is the knowledge I’ve collected through years of working with clients. The processes I’ll teach you in the class are the same processes I use.

That’s why I completely trust you’ll succeed if you implement what you’ll learn from the course.

But if you’ll follow my process, research your target audience, design ads per my instruction, implement, launch, and optimize your campaigns and STILL won’t feel like you’re making any progress, I’ll personally work with you and identify what piece is missing from the puzzle. And if that won’t work either, I’ll give you a full refund.

“In one instance we saw a 22x increase in our email optin rate during one of our programs due to a Facebook ad campaign Mojca helped us design. ROI? I think so.”

-Craig Hewitt, Podcast Motor

Today could be the first day of the rest of your life

You’re just a step away from generating more sales and acquiring new leads with a profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign.

You’re just a click away from having 100% confidence in your advertising skills. A click away from knowing exactly what you need to do and which step you need to take to grow your business with Facebook Ads.

You’re so close, you can feel the success of tomorrow.

Make that step today.

Who created the course?

Mojca Zove (previously Mars) is the owner of Super Spicy Media and a Facebook Ads Expert that helps +7-figure companies generate leads and increase profits with Facebook Ads.

She’s the author of The Facebook Ads Manual, a book that helped hundreds of people launch their first successful Facebook Advertising campaign.

She’s an international speaker. She appeared on MicroConf, Double Your Freelancing Conference, Seanwes Conf, BaconBiz and others.

Some of her past and current clients include: ConvertKit, ClockShark, Double Your Freelancing, CEO Warrior, Egghead, Hubstaff, Codeable, and many more.

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2. Few options will open up, then select STREAM
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