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Perry Belcher – AI Summit 2023 Download

Perry Belcher – AI Summit 2023 Download

Perry Belcher – AI Summit 2023 Download

Perry Belcher – AI Summit 2023 Download

Fellow Entrepreneur, 

Are you TOTALLY freaked out by the power, speed and THREAT A.I. and robots pose to your business… If not, you damn well should be.

In fact…

Your ass should be so puckered up so tight you couldn’t drive a tooth pick up it with a sledge hammer.


Because here’s the cold hard truth…

50% of Ordinary Marketers Will Vanish Off The Face of The Earth in The Next 12 Months While The Rest of Us Will Be Poppin’ Bottles!

Look, there is a MAJOR cleansing coming.

ChatGpt is just the tip of the iceberg of what the automaton tsunami that’s coming quick, fast and in a hurry.. (100,000,000 users already)

For the smart ones of us who grasp these 4.0 smart technologies and keep our eyes on the horizon for what is next, this is an exciting time because we see what is ahead. 

An avalanche of wealth is on the way…

Alternatively, fear is setting in for those who have not caught on yet, and for good reason

Most economists believe that in the next five years, artificial intelligence robots and software will replace at least 50% of jobs.

… and it ain’t just people working at McDonalds.

No offense meant, I know you’ve worked hard to become leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs, but unfortunately today hard work is not enough.

The farmer with a plow and an oxen can’t compete with the farmer on a tractor or a combine no matter how hard he works. Period. 

That’s all there is to it. Tools make us stronger and weaken our competitors.

You Are ALREADY Behind, Stop Chasing And Go To Where The Puck is Going To Be…
Like the legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said, I don’t chase the puck like everyone else, I go where the puck is going to be…

If you like chat GPT, your brain will melt when you realize all the other options available on the market today. The availability of over 400 generative AI tools today gives you an unfair advantage over thousands of humans.

…and the number of launches is increasing every single day.

Listen, these tools are not humans, they still require humans to run. 

The majority of people do not know how to stack these technologies, how to get them to do what you need most, or how to build profitable business models from them.

That’s why we created this Summit.

There is STILL Time for YOU!

Don’t lose hope.

Hey, I’m Perry Belcher. I’ve been marketing online for more than 23 years. With over 900 million in sales of products and services online, I have always stayed on top of technology in our industry.

I’ll tell you today that it’s not an easy task.

I feel like these young bucks with all of these new tools and technologies are going to be able to roll right over me if I let up for even a minute.

I believe that fear is justified.

Yes, it’s unfair, but that’s the way it is.  

Three years ago I decided to learn artificial intelligence and robotics, and I spoke about it at our Traffic and Conversion summit in 2019. I don’t think anyone paid attention, but I did.

There Are NOW Over 400 Generative AI Tools In The Market. Most You’ve Never Heard Of… 

Trial and error has taught me how to stack these technologies for the best ROI, how to communicate with them to get unique, specific and useful results.

Moreover, I have discovered the most profitable business models to deploy this technology.

Here in Las Vegas April 3rd, 4th & 5th 2023, I will teach you how I did it in just 3 days along with some of my friends and experts.

The first thing we’ll do is cover the three biggest technology groundbreakers of today. Plus a BONUS!

#1 A.I Artificial Intelligence

By now… all know what artificial intelligence is thanks to ChatGPT

Gpt4 the engine that runs chatGpt has consumed over 175 million points of data. It has read every book in existence, every blog post, transcribed every YouTube video, basically if it’s anywhere on the web chat GPT has it.

On top of that it’s taking the information that it’s gathered from all those sources and learned from it. gp3 is making itself smarter every day and gpt4 will be out anytime now with an estimated billion parameters.

It’s just waiting for computing power to catch up.

People are writing books in 3 days, creating engaging stories and even writing songs, although ChatGPT has never heard one.

What will happen when it has 1000X more knowledge and power?

#2 RPA Robotic Process Automation

Number two is robotic process automation, or RPA.  These are not physical robots, but rather soft robots that can do anything a human can do only a thousand times faster and almost without error on a computer.

It is the technology that puts artificial intelligence’s decisions into action. It has already been proven that one RPA robot can replace 1,000 workers in some companies

#3 No-Code & Low Code Software

The third leg on the stool is no-code software development.  There are certain no-code platforms that make building software as easy as laying out a landing page where software development has become commoditized.

When you realize that you can pull in API data from artificial intelligence platforms like openAI, drag in robots to take action on that data through RPA platforms, and run it all with simple software applications, your earning potential becomes limitless.

#4 Tech Enabled Outsourcing

Last but not least, technology-enabled outsourcing. Upon putting these tools into motion, I hand them over to outsourcers. 

Often, I can get a 1 to 100X return on investment from a single outsourcer, meaning I can get the output of 100 humans doing the same task. 

All of this is done with SaaS software you own, so your talent pool is unlimited. 

You can do it from anywhere in the world.


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