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iMF Tracker – Order Flow Program Download

iMF Tracker – Order Flow Program Download

Mastering Order Flow Sequencing

Introducing the OrderFlow Sequencing Factor (OFSF), an exclusive analytical strategy designed to distill valuable insights from diverse data sources. This approach empowers traders to extract significance from extensive datasets, transforming them into actionable information.

Unveiling the Institutional Edge

Experience the groundbreaking iMF Tracker training, a revolutionary paradigm in trading education. Developed from the ground up by a former professional trader who managed portfolios for a private equity fund with a staggering $35 billion under management.

Engage with over fifteen hours of unfiltered video content, featuring advanced training sessions. Delve into the core tenets of auction market theory, market profile, footprint analysis, and order flow sequencing, all contextualized within the dynamics of the market. Progress to intricate concepts, including the nuances of tape reading, at your preferred pace.

Complement your learning with a comprehensive 72-page training manual, replete with resources and real-world trading instances. This manual serves as your blueprint for cultivating essential market insights and honing tape reading skills.

Sharpen your skills with targeted trading drills designed to equip you in identifying market-maker traps. Engage in exercises aimed at addressing the emotional facets of trading, aiding you in maintaining focus during critical moments.

Participate in two live private training sessions focused on Order Flow and the Depth of Market (DOM). These sessions are recorded for your future reference. We accommodate various setups, whether you’re using Bookmap, JigSaw, Bloomberg, Sierra Charts, NinjaTrader, or relying on time and sales + level 2 data.


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