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Ryan Lee – 48 Hour Continuity Download

Ryan Lee – 48 Hour Continuity Download

Ryan Lee – 48 Hour Continuity Download

Ryan Lee – 48 Hour Continuity Download

What You Get:


I’ll never forget the day I discovered the life-changing impact of continuity income.

It was 2001, I was a full-time gym teacher in the Bronx NY and had been messing around online part-time for about 3 years with inconsistent success (not enough to quit my full time job).

The teaching job was fun and challenging, but the commute was brutal. Plus the Hunts Point neighborhood was pretty rough. My car was broken into at least once every two weeks and a student was sliced in a knife fight right in front of me.

My wife and I wanted to start a family – and I dreamed of working from home to spend unlimited time with my kids, coach their sports as they grow and vacation anytime we wanted.

Again, up to that point, my online business was hit or miss.

Some days I’d sell a few products or an online training program – and other days it would be a big fat zero.

There was no predictability.

So I told her, “if I can create 6 consecutive months of online income greater than my full-time job – I can quit the job and work from home”.

She agreed and – come hell or high water, I was going to make it happen.

My mind started racing and thinking about HOW to pull this off.

“How the heck am I going to turn my passion for sports training into monthly, recurring revenue?”.

The first thing I did was study everything I could about recurring revenue from people like Terry Dean and Monique Harris (there were very few people teaching this in the early days of the Internet).

It took months, but eventually launched my first paid continuity program.

The Rise and Fall

I immediately fell in love with recurring revenue. Oh boy, it was intoxicating.

No longer starting the month at zero changed the game. I had predictable income. I could grow. I could breathe.

After 6 months, I hit my goal and was finally able to leave my full-time job and proudly haven’t had a “job” or “boss” in over 21 years.

Then after two years of tinkering, testing and tweaking – I created MORE continuity programs.

One for teaching marketing to personal trainers. Another for weight loss. Another featuring just workouts.

I was on a roll UNTIL I started drinking my own Kool-Aid.

Soon I found myself speaking on stages all around the world. People were calling me a “guru” and I believed the hype.

I started to suffer from a deadly combination of inflated ego, distraction and adding complexity into my business.

Things got ugly – you can call it my “bells and whistles” phase.

I lost $65K building a special membership software that absolutely bombed. Lost another 80K training on an infomercial. Launched a monthly print magazine (another loss).

Complexity and chasing scale destroyed me and everything started to slip away.

The stress affected my health and relationships – eventually leading to an autoimmune disorder diagnosis I still battle with to this day.

The Comeback to SIMPLE Continuity.

The Comeback to a ONE Person Business.

To right the ship, I sold most of my businesses, took some time off and came back with a focused obsession on simplicity.

I studied from friends and colleagues like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham and Ben Settle and went all-in on simple continuity.

My new continuity program was so simple (much less work than my previous membership sites) and it had over 2,200 members each paying $97 per month… and I ran it entirely by myself.

Since then, I’ve launched dozens of businesses – but none of them were as simple, profitable or easy-to-run as that continuity program.

Everytime I try something that doesn’t work, it’s because I broke the rules of “simple” and “solo” (able to run it with just one person)

If Continuity Income is the “Holy Grail”, Why Do So Few Have It?

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you understand the life-changing, business-transforming power of dependable, recurring, monthly, “continuity” income.

We WANT recurring revenue, but yet – most don’t have it. Why not?

Because it can feel complicated. Overwhelming. You don’t know what to offer. You aren’t sure how to launch and get new subscribers.

It’s not your fault. We’ve been told the only way to succeed with a continuity program is with a big, bulky membership and community.

It’s not shocking many have failed and most marketers take a hard pass.

But, my fellow lean, mean continuity machine – it shouldn’t be hard.

In fact, I’m going to PROVE just how simple and easy it is.

The Perfect Time for “Lean” Continuity

There’s never been a better time to launch a “lean ‘n’ mean” continuity program. Something you can run in an hour a day by yourself.

In the past, the Internet was a race to “more”.

The winner was whoever could out-content the rest. But that’s a game you cannot win.

People are drowning in content and they’re desperate for pointed advice, direction and curation.

They’re willing to PAY MORE FOR LESS.

FINALLY! You’re not only going to discover how to create continuity income at record speed. You’re going to DO IT…


We’re going to open up the browser and not only create a continuity income program FROM SCRATCH…

        … you’ll get your first subscriber in 48 hours.

Have I lost my mind? Absolutely!

Oh yes, boundaries will be pushed. Rules will be broken.

But make no mistake, you WILL do this.

Just wait until you see how foolproof this is…


Here’s just a taste of what’s waiting for you:

  • How to create a continuity program with NO website
  • The unbeatable pricing strategy guaranteed to get your first paid subscriber
  • My 2 favorite resources that do EVERYTHING (process payments and automated delivery your program) for FREE with no tech or website
  • 3 ways to have content created for you – without you writing a word or even hiring a copywriter! (this will blow your mind)
  • The 2 top-secret words that automatically double your retention
  • How to get your first subscriber with NO list
  • And so much more…

The Details

The entire workshop was recorded and you’ll get the entire continuity strategy laid out right before your eyes.

You. Get. Everything.

  • You’ll get the copy/paste templates(including the 1-page membership site). This will save you dozens of hours and thousands of dollars.
  • You’ll get copy/paste emails that convert like crazy. I’m actually writing this just for you in this program.
  • You’ll have your program ready by the end of the day with NO tech headaches or expensive software.
  • You’ll get your first paid subscriber within 48 hours.

Imagine how different things will look with your first continuity program?


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