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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Eben Pagan – Get Altitude Download

[SUPER HOT SHARE] Eben Pagan – Get Altitude Download

Eben Pagan – Get Altitude Download

Eben Pagan – Get Altitude Download

Get Altitude is a very interesting MARKETING experiment. It describes how to build a BUSINESS WORTH up to 10 MLN. and more! Eben Pagan (also known as David DeAngelo) is not another Internet marketer who earns most of his money by teaching how to make money online. He has built real businesses and his sales have surged from 0 to 20 millions a year in just 5 years!

In the Altitude Marketing Mentor program, Eben Pagan has been teaching REAL marketing: how to THINK like a marketer, the methods that he uses to
Create Businesses and Marketing Systems that literally bring in tens of millions of dollars like clockwork.

15 professionally shot and tightly-edited DVDs of the Altitude program:

Thinking Like A Customer
Communicating With Your Customers Effectively
Making Profitable Decisions Using Data

The Powerful Marketing Technique Of Moving The Free Line
How To Communicate Buying Benefits To Customers Fast
How To Find And Attract Stars To Work With And For You

Interviewing And Hiring Top Talent
How To Make Your Business Stable
How To Develop Your Team Members

How To Manage Your Personal Time And Teams Time
Time Traps To Avoid
How To Narrow Your Niche And Dominate Your Market

Generating Massive Quantities Of New Leads And Customers
Integrating A New Team Member Into Your Business
Business Reporting Systems To Further Stabilize Your Company

Creating And Launching Products Quickly And Effectively
Building Teams That Work
Designing The Experience You Want Your Customer To Have

At Altitude, they were fortunate to have Tony Schwartz, the bestselling author of several books, including Donald Trumps The Art Of The Deal and The Power Of Full Engagement share how to manage your ENERGY.
A simple exercise that keeps you awake and alert during intense periods of study or focus
A daily routine that results in the maximum amount of productivity with the least amount of work (I personally believe
One of the biggest ways entrepreneurs WASTE TIME without knowing it (Cut down on just this one activity and its very likely your productivity will double)
The right way to START each day if you want to truly guarantee that the day will be massively productive

Key Business Personality Types, How To Work With Them
Marketing Expert Mark Joyner

A Method For Planning And Achieving Any Outcome
Marketing And Growth Lessons From A Business-Building Master

An Exercise For Developing The Ability To Think Like A Customer
Dean Jackson: The Marketing Sharp Shooter
Joe Polish: Creator Of Piranha Marketing

Using Free Recorded Messages And Video Marketing
Raising Money To Grow Your Company
Taking Your Company Public

How To Design Marketing And Websites For Maximum Conversion
The Psychology Of Effective Design
Hiring An Attorney To Advise Your Business
Tax Planning, Stock Incentives, Other Legal Issues

Higher-Level Efficiency For Growing A Huge Company
Making Your Company And Team Faster As It Gets Bigger
Integrating Your Business Success With Your Life Success

Results Of The Speed Of Implementation Contest
The Power That Fear Has In Business
The Importance Of Coaching And Being Coached


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