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David Deutsch – A-List Copywriting Secrets $997 Download

David Deutsch – A-List Copywriting Secrets $997 Download

David Deutsch – A-List Copywriting Secrets $997 Download

David Deutsch – A-List Copywriting Secrets $997 Download

A List Copywriting Secrets by David Deutsch

“Please Stop Writing Copy!”

“I’ve rung up almost a billion dollars in sales for clients from the Fortune 500 to fast-growing small businesses to direct response giants like Boardroom and Agora.
“But it wasn’t by out-writing anyone.
It was by out-thinking them.
“Read on and see why that’s what makes it so easy to create the kind of sales pages, VSLs, ads, and emails that send prospects scurrying for their credit cards.”

Introduce A List Copywriting Secrets

Dear Friend,

In fast-changing times like these, it’s more dangerous than ever to rely on mindlessly applied templates, formulas and “copy hacks.”

And easier than ever to enjoy a huge competitive advantage by rising above the robotic glut of cookie-cutter copy that, in the words of Claude Hopkins, rolls off the prospect like water off a duck.
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with templates, formulas and “copy hacks.” I use them myself from time to time. Even developed a few.

They can be a great STARTING point

But what’s amazing is that for so many writers and entrepreneurs today, it’s virtually ALL they rely on – never discovering that with a little originality and strategic thinking they can watch conversions skyrocket.
I’ve seen the power of this time and time again over the past few years as copywriter after copywriter I’ve worked with has transformed businesses and their own careers simply by realizing that…

CopyTHINKING Beats Copywriting

Look, I’ve read thousands of pages of copy from clients and copywriters.
The vast majority follow the typical formulas and templates.
Using all the typical phrases…
Arranged in all the typical ways….
Resulting in an epidemic of humdrum copy that is soulless and devoid of energy or genuine connection.
That’s just not going to cut it. Not at a time when trust and connection with consumers is paramount.
No wonder so many marketers and writers are frustrated and not getting the results they want.
The antidote is never more formulas, templates or “copy hacks.”
The solution is simply: Stop writing and start thinking.

Stop seeing what you do as “copywriting.” Start seeing it as copyTHINKING.

That’s the quickest and easiest path to more effective copy.

So stop writing for a second and just think about all the ways you can enter the conversation your prospect is already having with themselves and others.
THINK about what really differentiates yourself from the competition.

THINK about what your market has already been exposed to.
And THINK about how you will arouse the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that will lead them to take the action you want them to take.

Only NOW are you ready to write.
And believe me, writing is a WHOLE LOT easier (and a whole lot more profitable) if you THINK it through first.
Because what distinguishes the “best” writers from the rest of the writers isn’t their collection of templates, formulas and hacks.

It’s their thinking.

My brand-new program, A-LIST COPYWRITING SECRETS, is the first time I’ve ever revealed the methods I’ve used to bring in close to a billion dollars for my clients.

If you’re a copywriter, watching these videos will enable you to take your copy to the next level – thereby leaving your competition in the dust and commanding higher fees and royalties.

If you’re a marketer, even if you don’t want to write copy yourself (and you probably should),it will give you the concepts, understanding and insight required to get MUCH better copy from your freelance or in-house writers and leave your competitors wondering what hit them.


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