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Edge Elite – Edge Trading Group Download

Edge Elite – Edge Trading Group Download

Edge Elite – Edge Trading Group Download

Edge Elite – Edge Trading Group Download

Learn From The Professionals

Anthony started his career as a CME arb clerk on the trading floor of the exchange in 1996.  He then went on to become a Chicago Board of Trade Member before launching his electronic trading career with one of the top Chicago Proprietary Firms [International Trading Group] in April of 2000.

Anthony created the Edge Trading Group education program in 2013.  This program is community driven where he keeps ongoing interaction with all of his members. The Edge is one of the most unique trading programs in the world because it introduces all of its traders to each other for amazing collaboration and relationship building.

Course Contents:

1.Edge Introduction

Here we give a teaser of the ETG education available to members. Plus we give an insight into our weekly coaching sessions where Anthony talks about success in trading.

2.Edge Foundation

To begin to understand the governing principle of trading the markets. Essentially you’ll lay a foundational understanding of WHY price moves.

  • Enduring Understandings

    Gain a perspective of other traders and why they do what they do. Including the notion that the correct basic concepts are also the advanced concepts.

  • Common Misconceptions

    Learn why trading isn’t just about using analysis to predict HOW prices move.

  • Essential Questions – Community Questions to stimulate further thought

    Think about how many of my life experiences relate directly to trading experiences? Ask yourself how can I begin to apply my understanding of trading now that I’ve laid a foundation of understanding WHY prices move?

3.Edge Elite

Use my understanding of WHY prices move and transfer that understanding it into action and skills I can apply in the markets.

  • Enduring Understandings

    I will now know that my consistency will only come once I’ve eliminated randomness in my trading. My predictions no longer feel like guesses

  • Common Misconceptions

    I will know that I’m no longer missing some industry secret which will unlock my success.

  • Essential Questions – Community Questions to stimulate further thought

    How can i adapt these trading drills and apply them to my own trading approach? What can I glean from other successful traders application of the governing principle? How can I simplify my process so I can trade more of what I see rather than what I think?

4.Edge Zones Bootcamp

5.Weekly Coaching Sessions

6.Live Profile Order Flow Workshop

7.Software – Edge Trading Group Files

File Size: 54GB


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