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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Jordan Carter – Email CPA Mastery Download

[SUPER HOT SHARE] Jordan Carter – Email CPA Mastery Download

Jordan Carter – Email CPA Mastery Download

Jordan Carter – Email CPA Mastery Download

Where to find your emails, how to vet them, how to buy them, how to rent them, how to scrape them, EVERYTHING about getting anywhere from a few hundred per day to tens of thousands per day all ready to run your offers too… And speaking of offers;

What should you sell, where are the offers, what makes an offer a good offer, how to get the best offers/products, what networks do I use and recommend, how to not get burned, what makes a bad offer, horror stories on what NOT to do, how to apply and get accepted by some of the best ‘private’ networks, how to approach product owners, how to do just about everything when it comes to email marketing and affiliate here peeps… But we’re not done yet!

How to effectively, efficiently, consistently and profitably… Contact your leads via email to ensure maximum ROI to time investment. You can’t afford any mess-ups with black-lists or poor inboxing or outright account shutdowns. If you even know how to TELL if your emails are going to an inbox… I’ll show you how to go from 10 emails a day to 10,000 a day and make it look easy…

More so importantly, how to get them! I’ll be breaking down some of the most ‘jedi’ esk creative strategies on how to get your emails not only opened, not only clicked, NOT ONLY CONVERTING… But actually getting replies demanding “please send me more!”… I’m serious, I could write a whole book just on creative writing that actually works…

Monitoring Results
What good is sending a few emails to a few people if you can’t see what’s getting opens, what’s getting clicks, what’s converting and what even gets sent to who! I’ll be breaking down how to effectively measure and understand your data from 100 emails all the way to 10,000 emails a day onwards…

Yup! How do I protect my email accounts from getting IP banned. How do I without hesitation send 100,000+ emails to lists without a single feeling of “Oh I hope I don’t get GDPR-ed”… I’ll show you all how to protect your hard earned email systems so you can actually keep the gravy train rolling for years to come!

Now you’ve got a system that gets in hundreds of thousands of emails a day, you’re sending a few thousand emails a day, earning a few hundred dollars a day in commissions… Now lets add some nitro to the engine! Let’s get you to pulling 100k+ leads a day with multiple dedicated email systems sending 50k+ emails a day all from your bedroom if you so want! This is where I show you the difference between a ‘guru’ and a real marketer…


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