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Van Tharp – Core Long-Term Trading Systems Download

Van Tharp – Core Long-Term Trading Systems Download

Van Tharp – Core Long-Term Trading Systems Download

Van Tharp – Core Long-Term Trading Systems Download

Core Long-Term Trading Systems: Market Outperformance and Absolute Returns

Would you like your money to make money—even when the market goes down?

You can! And, it could take as little as a few minutes per week. Learn low-maintenance systems to earn consistent returns using longer-term trading.

With nearly 7 hours of video and downloadable companion documents you’ll learn Dr. Ken Long’s long-term systems in your own space, at your own pace, and for half the cost of our in-person event!

Truly Core Trading Systems:

  • Do you have a retirement account with limited allocation choices and restrictions on how often you can switch funds?

  • Do you consider yourself an investor rather than a trader but believe you could manage your money more actively to improve returns?

  • Do you want a portion of your equity generating consistent returns on an intermediate and long-term basis?

  • Do you want to diversify your returns across time horizons and need some longer-term systems?

  • Do you have a demanding full-time job but want better returns than your money manager or advisor has provided?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the eLearning course, Core Trading Systems: Market Outperformance and Absolute Returns, is probably a good fit for your needs.

Over the last decade, Dr. Ken Long has taught Van Tharp Institute workshops about trading systems with intermediate to long-term holding periods. Over those years, his trading systems have improved dramatically. In the last few years, he has designed what he considers his best intermediate trading system, and interestingly enough, it has a very simple set of rules.

As a continuous learner himself, Ken reads constantly and has focused some of that time over the years on intermediate/long-term system development – from both a traditional orientation and from some more unconventional sources. By combining a lot of various ideas he has gathered from academic research, from analysts, from his personal investing experience, and from his Tortoise Mastermind group of traders, he has created a group of trading systems that enables someone to outperform the market on a consistent and long-term basis – all with a minor amount of work. “Minor” amount of work, in this case, means an hour per month – or less. Ken’s systems require adjustments to positions as often as once a month or as infrequently as once a year.

For each system he presents, Ken provides the logic, academic research on the strategy, the long-term results, and his personal experience trading the system.


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