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Ben Settle’s – Copy Troll Free Download

Ben Settle’s – Copy Troll Free Download
  • A bizarre (yet ingenious) way to use a plain text email to (1) make almost anyone trolling you look like a buffoon (2) potentially get a windfall of new business and (3) create a stronger company brand at the same time. (Believe it or not, I first learned this in a community college art class — and it’s been one of the single most profitable things I’ve ever done when getting trolled in business. Frankly, If I only had ONE way to respond to trolls, this would be it. Pages 53 & 101.)
  • The secret psychology behind how two of my customers and I flipped being called “white supremacists” by a famous celebrity rapper on Twitter into a horde of new customers, clients, and sales for our businesses! (For example: One of my customers turned it into an all-expenses paid vacation for his family… my woman used it to land two new clients and add dozens of new leads to her email list… and I nabbed $30k in new business over the course of 5 days. See how we did it beginning on page 55.)
  • How to write emails that quickly “cancel out” baseless attacks, slanders, and accusations. (Some of the more miserable and self-loathing trolls out there have no problem using lies and deceit to ruin careers and lives for any reason or no reason at all. If this bunch ever attacks you, simply use what you learn on page 185 to both dismiss and potentially profit from them.)
  • How one of my customers “sucker punched” the media by turning getting trolled by Snopes (while also having death wished upon her and her kids by a horde of bat shit crazy environmental fanatics) into a tsunami of new sales and leads! (And also higher search engine rankings, too. Pages 77-78.)
  • The strange (and totally illogical & irrational) secret to getting paid top dollar even if your product or service is not the best. (This is what lets people like Kim Kardashian get paid almost a million dollars per social media post… certain “mom and pop” retail shops get paid thousands of dollars for ordinary items… and one of the world’s most popular copywriters get paid the highest fees even though he’s admittedly not the best. It can also potentially make using your trolls to help build your business as easy as falling off a log, too. Details on pages 41-44.)
  • How to “psychologically abuse” anyone who trolls you! (This sleepy little technique isn’t sexy, but it’s got teeth — and works by creating the same reaction in a troll’s brain as physical pain — but without leaving any “marks.” It sometimes can make you sales, too. Page 109.)
  • The startling reason why many outrageously successful celebrities hardly ever communicate on Facebook… and what sites they do spend their time on, instead. (If more business owners understood this, they’d probably shut their Facebook accounts down in a hot minute. See pages 153-156.)
  • A weird (but effective) way to “convert” even people who hate your guts into new business. (This worked thousands of years ago to convert people to new religions, and can sometimes work just as well to convert customers to new sales today. Pages 37-38.)
  • A 100% copyright-free email template perfect to use if you’re ever accused of being greedy just for trying to sell your business’s products and services. (You can use this email “as is”, adapt it, modify it, or do whatever you want with it — without giving me any credit, attribution, or compensation. Page 190.)
  • A sneaky way to potentially turn many fake reviews, 1-star reviews, or social media troll reviews into a steady stream of new business!

Let’s take a second to “unpack” this incredible tip.
If you follow my instructions on page 69, a negative review can potentially become your greatest selling asset — including reviews on sites like Amazon, iTunes, Google, Facebook, Yelp, and any other place people can rate your business, product, or service.


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