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Stefan Georgi & Justin Goff – Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind Download

Stefan Georgi & Justin Goff – Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind Download

Stefan Georgi & Justin Goff – Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind Download

Stefan Georgi & Justin Goff – Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind Download

Justin Goff & Stefan Georgi Want To Make You The Offer Of A Lifetime…

These are the SAME proven strategies that VShred… Credit Secrets… Biotrust… PaleoHacks… 4Patriots… Natural Health Sherpa… and other juggernauts are using RIGHT NOW to increase conversions, skyrocket Average Order Values, and acquire MASS Amounts of customers from COLD Traffic!

And we want to teach ALL of them to you during our
first ever LIVE Copy Accelerator Virtual Event…
Join us from the comfort of your home…
Without having to worry about viruses… flights… hotel costs…
jet lag… travel bans… or “getting stuck in quarantine!”

Here’s a small sample of what you can expect from the event..

  • ​Justin Goff will walk you through PROVEN “Upsell Optimizers” for extracting 20… 30… even 41 MORE dollars from EACH buyer who goes through your funnel (Make these simple tweaks and you’ll be able to easily afford ALL the traffic you can handle)
  • ​​Stefan Georgi will hand you a proven step-by-step playbook for launching and SCALING new offers (Stefan’s offers are currently grossing over $20 Million PER monthfor him and his clients… and this playbook is a big reason WHY he’s able to pump out such consistent winners)
  • Join our Virtual Cocktail Party… and network with heavy-hitters from VShred, Credit Secrets, Traffic & Funnels, 4Patriots, Natural Health Sherpa, Back To Life, BioTrust, PaleoHacks… and dozens of other direct response GIANTS… generating over 1 BILLION in combined revenue this year!
  • ​Take part in our Million Dollar MatchMaking Sessions… where we connect business owners with “perfect fit” copywriters and media buyers… who can help add MILLIONS to your bottom line this year… (If you’re a FREELANCER looking for your BIG BREAK, this is how you “cut the line” and get BOOKED SOLID with your DREAM CLIENTS.)
  • ​Plus… POWERFUL presentations from 8-figure business owners like Emily Lark, TRUE A-List copywriters (David Deutsch, Carline Anglade-Cole, Marcella Allison, Dan Ferrari), world-class traffic experts (Mike Buontempo, Amber Spears) and MORE!

You’ll Also Have Access To Our Entire Archive Of Past Calls!

This is an INCREDIBLE library of marketing gold.

At the current time…

There are over 75 calls in the archive…


  • In-depth breakdowns of all components of Stefan’s breakthrough RMBC System (The 4-step system he uses to crank out world-class sales letters in 2-3 days)
  • A 7-video series featuring Justin Goff’s PROVEN strategies for writing emails that CRUSH (Including 4 simple “Email Types” which consistently work on COLD traffic… which is almost INFINITELY scalable.)
  • A 4-part series on the “Biggest Needle Movers” (Simple tweaks you can make… to get “losing” sales letters to start performing like WINNERS. Implement these for clients and they’ll think you’re a GENIUS.)
  • ​A special training on writing FASCINATIONS that create deep-burning curiosity… which gets prospects to DEVOUR your sales messages… and BUY your products (Plus… WHERE to put these fascinations so they make the BIGGEST possible impact)
  • ​6 “Copywriting Business” calls where Justin and Stefan show Freelancers how to land clients, charge more money, and start setting up LUCRATIVE performance deals (How would you like to get paid $60K to write a simple upsell? They’ll show you how you can pull this off.)
  • And much more!


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