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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Iman Gadzhi – Kaizen Cure Download

[SUPER HOT SHARE] Iman Gadzhi – Kaizen Cure Download

Iman Gadzhi – Kaizen Cure Download

Iman Gadzhi – Kaizen Cure Download

What Separates The 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs From The Rest?
The SHOCKING truth… is that it has nothing to do with your business…
Iman Gadzhi
– Mentored over 1,017+ people through online programs and in person events
– 7 Figure earner at the age of 18
– On a mission to reform the education system

What Is This Course All About?
After mentoring nearly a thousand students, I’ve started to see a distinct pattern between those who fulfil their potential and those that don’t. It had to do with what they were doing outside of their business that was having a direct link to it. Things like their mindset, their health, their routines, their systems & structures and their social circle.
Kaizen cure is for those who currently have a business and want to take it to the next level, whether you’re trying to go from $0-$10k per month or from $10-50k per month. The secrets and hacks within this program are the ONLY differences between the ultra successful to those still struggling.

Week 1: Free Your Mind
– The Reason You’re Re-Living The Same Day (CRAZY Revelation)
– How To Break Out Of Your Viscous Loop
– You Are Not Your Mind (How I Disciplined My Mind)
– Momentum Is Money
– The Only Variable To Your Success…
– You Get What You Think You Deserve (The Reason You Self-Sabotage)
– How To Start Meditation For Beginners
– Meditation Advice From My Coach
– The Life Changing Gratitude Exercise (Life Changing)
– Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Week 2: Heal Your Body
– The Money Is In Your Sleep
– Intermittent Fasting Crash Course (How I Work SMARTER Than Others)
– The Best Supplement Stack (INSANE Benefits)
– The Cure For Cravings
– Hacks For Peak Energy & How It Changed My Life
– Understanding The Thermogenic Effect

Week 3: Secure Your Systems
– How I Wake Up At 5:30AM With 3 SIMPLE Tools
– My ‘Money’ Morning Routine
– My Night Time Routine
– How I Plan My Days For Max. Efficiency
– Build A Fence Around Social Media & Get Shit Done
– Apps & Software To Make Your Life Easier

Week 4: Transcend Your Social
– How To Audit Your Circle & Decide Who To Keep
– How To Network With High Level People
– How I Met My Mentors (Life Changing)
– The Secret To Getting Rid Of Toxic People (This’ll Save You)
– Different Friends For Different Days (How To Build Long Lasting Friendships)
– The Easiest Way To Network At Scale
– How To Deal With Hate & Negativity (The 3 ‘No BS’ Methods)

Week 5: Bonuses
– IPAs (My Secret Weapon)
– How To Buy Success…
– What To Do If Your Parents Don’t Believe In You
– How I Built A Whole Ecosystem of Accountability

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