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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Jonathan Levi – Superhuman Academy Download

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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Jonathan Levi – Superhuman Academy Download

Jonathan Levi – Superhuman Academy Download

Jonathan Levi – Superhuman Academy Download


Improve Your Reading Speed & Memory By 320% In Only 30 Minutes a Day

  • Increase reading speed by up to 3X with high (80%+) comprehension and understanding
  • Memory techniques for storing and recalling vast amounts of information quickly and accurately
  • Develop the cognitive infrastructure to support this flood of new information long-term


Add 1-3 Hours to Your Day, Gain Control of Your Time, and Free Yourself For What Matters

  • Harness the preeminent theories of productivity and time management to squeeze more time out of the day
  • Use cutting-edge hacks, tips, and tricks to improve computer productivity work
  • Identify time-wasters and zap them before they drain the day away
  • ​Cut out the bad habits that cost hours in the day for no reason
  • ​Make more time for the things that matter in life


Discover Proven Strategies To Leverage Ultra Successful People To Fast Track Your Success

  • Connect with high-level influencers and learn directly from the world’s best
  • ​Have an impressive online brand with a personal website and stunning LinkedIn profile
  • ​Skip YEARS of trial and error trying to figure things out on your own


If you’re tired of constantly procrastinating on becoming who you want to be, it’s time to try a neuroscience-based method that actually works.

  • Deeply understand procrastination, what causes it, and why you keep doing it
  • ​Develop awareness on your own behaviors, your habits, and your emotional triggers that cause procrastination
  • Find out why 95% of all material on procrastination is WRONG, and what you really should do to dominate your procrastination
  • ​Learn the techniques that will allow you to keep your procrastination in check, even when you don’t like the task


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